By Kari Veenstra / October 4, 2019

October Publishing Update

According to my calendar, it’s officially fall. Fall isn’t my favorite of the four seasons, but it has its perks....

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By Kari Veenstra / September 5, 2019

September Publishing Update

September's progress report was delayed by the threat of Hurricane Dorian. We're all safe here near Orlando, FL, but having...

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By Kari Veenstra / August 5, 2019

August Publishing Update

August 1st brought a major change to my writing routine as I left my hubby and kids in El Paso...

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By Kari Veenstra / July 22, 2019

July Publishing Update

I've been writing for over 15 years, but have been actively pursuing publication since 2018. In May 2019, I signed...

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