August Publishing Update

August 1st brought a major change to my writing routine as I left my hubby and kids in El Paso to fly to Florida to help my family with health issues and an upcoming wedding. The hours I assumed I might have to write have been taken up with errands, hospital visits, appointments, and bridal showers, but today – Monday – I am making it my goal to get some writing done.

This month’s writing goals are to complete developmental edits to THE RESCUER. I have an upcoming call with my editor to discuss the direction we want the book to go. I have some ideas in mind, but they require major overhaul. If I get the green light, it will be nose to the grindstone until August 31st.

I am planning on adding to my media kit and updating my marketing plan. My next step is book cover. Time to put all my creative ideas and vision together for my cover designer who will then design the cover for my book. (Funny story: while I was studying examples of covers in Barnes and Noble, a book fell from a shelf. In my attempts to save it, I dropped my phone. Paperback saved; phone broken. Fellow bibliophiles agree with my choice to save the book.) I have seen the first two covers already in the works for my fellow INtense Publications authors and they look FANTASTIC. I am so excited to see my cover and reveal it when the time comes.

The biggest challenge for this month has been embracing the glacial pace of publishing. Things continue to happen but it is baby step by baby step. To keep myself occupied I’ve been drafting my next novel titled WORTH DYING FOR. I’m excited to share more of that will you all in the future.

Thank you for being my readers. Your support means the world to me.

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